Charis paspallis is a cypriot artist based in Cyprus. He was born in paphos in 1977. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts (1997-2002), in Athens, Greece, under the supervision of T. Patraskides and D. Mitaras. His work is based on the concept of change. Earth, nature and man's respect for his environment is the main theme, investigated through the ways humanity can change or even destroy Mother Nature with wars, violence and envy. In order to achieve this goal, Haris Paspallis is trying to invent new ways to bring into life his artwork. He has a unique process of achieving this as he takes examples from his own experiences. The artist has started a journey where he experiments with multiple media, different textures, earthly colours which transmit his message to the viewer in a most dynamic and comprehensible manner, portraying vividly nature’s wildness. Moreover, the animals in “Thysia” series are not just forms but symbols of our own selves. They are metaphors of a humanity that is gradually losing its mission and true nature. A humanity that slowly kills, sacrifices itself for a false “God”. An abstract work, emitting realistic messages that can be sent to the audience in order to bring about appreciation of nature and awareness of the importance of life, a “catharsis” and a way out to a common past and future that looks “the same, endless, untouched”.

Group Exhibitions (selection)

Nov 2017 - Vasilis Michaelides, Municipal Gallery, Limassol

Nov 2015 - Order and Disorder in Chaos, Apothikes 79, Ag.Lazarou 81-83, Larnaca

Apr 2015 - Visual Ways, Pafos-St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg

Jul 2014 - Second Biennale Santorinis, Peace Mechanics, Santorini

Feb 2014 - Beyond the walls, Pegasous Art Foundation, Limassol

Feb 2014 - Chelsea Town Hall, London

Jan 2014 - Metheortia, Athens

Oct 2013 - London 2013

Oct 2013 - Vienna 2013

July 2013 - "Beyond the walls ", Medieval castle, Paphos, Cyprus

July 2013 - International painting Biennale at Cotrceni National Museum (80 artist selected from the 3rd International Biennale of Moldova), Bucharest, Romania

June 2013 - Palazzo Zorzi "Biennale de Venezia", Italy

May 2013 - International Biennial of Painting, Chisinau's

May 2013 - Museum de Louvre "le troisieme Paradise" (Paris France)

February 2013 - "Stransbourg" Council of Europe Human Dignity and Peace-Building

December 2012 - Catharsis/Rebirth, Otoman Baths (Paphos, Cyprus)

Oct 2012 - Mare Nostrum (Pyli Ammoxostou Nicosia)

Sep 2012 - inSite (Archaeological Site of the Neapaphos mosaics-Paphos cyprus)

Jun 2012 - Andora (Art camp)

Feb 2012 - Four a one world (Pafos municipality gallery)

Nov 2011 - Maniera cypria (Prize of the winning projects from the Pancyprian Art Competition, Maniera Cypria)

Aug 2011 - Art Festival (Paphos, Cyprus)

May 2010 - Salad Bowl (Paphos, Cyprus)

December 2009 - I anthropini morfi stin Texni - Technopolis sto Gkazi (Athens, Greece)

September 2009 - Aqua - Anzio (Roma, Italy)

August 2009 - Salad Bowl - Taldesalonki Husa (Tampere, Finland)

September 2008 - Breaking the Mould, Panicos Mavrellis Art Center (Limassol, Cyprus)

May 2008 - Ficciones (de)construidas, Zona del Museo del centro cultural Tomas y valiente FUENLABRADA (Madrid, Spain)

January-February 2008 - Eikona - Xwros- Drasi 2, Texnopolis (Athens, Greece)

October-December 2007 - The salao de artes visuais sinap/aiap, International exhibition featuring sculpture, painting and drawing (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

March 2007 - Mabrida (Athens, Greece)

December 2006 - Sarka - Short-film festival (Helsinki, Finland)

November 2006 - Breaking the mould (Helsinki, Finland)

April 2006 - Booze cooperativa 'maverick dogs' (Athens, Greece)

November 2004 - Pancyprian art exhibition ΕΚΑΤΕ 40 years, Melina Mercury Municipal Arts Center (Nicosia, Cyprus)

May 2004 - Nomadifesta 'Artrageous' group event (Kasteliotissa, Nicosia, Cyprus)

November 2003 - Open Horizons ΕΚΑΤΕ, Melina Merckury Municipal Arts Center (Nicosia, Cyprus)

June 2002-2003- Graduating class (Athens, Greece)

May 2002 - Mytaras workshop (Plaka-Athens, Greece)

April 2001 - Piraeus theater (Piraues, Greece)

Solo Exhibitions

Dec 2017 - The Emersion of Aphrodite (Paphos, Cyprus)

Apr 2016 - Aphrodite (Paphos, Cyprus)

Jul 2015 - Soul Windows (Budapest, Hungary)

Jun 2015 - Diadromes Pegasus art foundation (Limassol, Cyprus)

Apr 2015 - Visual Ways Pafos-St. Petersburg, (St. Petersburg)

Apr 2014 - Invisible Walls, Art center 'Pushkinskaya 10' (St. Petersbourg, Russia) [poster]

Sep 2012 - inSite (Archaeological Site of the Neapaphos mosaics-Paphos cyprus)

June 2008 - Strovolos Municipality (Nicosia, Cyprus)

July 2005 - 'En Plo' ('Εν Πλώ') gallery (Paphos, Cyprus)

June 2003 - Opus gallery (Nicosia, Cyprus)