Art Emmones

Emmones   Emmones   Emmones   Emmones


The artist in this series delineates a passionate and active process which comes close to obsession. Paspallis is trying to personalize life itself through his work. He wants to show how people become obsessed and passionate with worthless things in their life, employing even evil means in order to gain what they desire.

In order to visualize this goal he uses the same design over and over again to impersonate the one and only life each one of us has, through an experiment of drawings based on adding and removing information. This addition and removal is the most crucial factor in this series as they clearly indicate our losses or gains when we are obsessed. The wide variety of colours shows our judgment of what good and evil is and as well as the reversal in our live. Lastly, the many geometrical shapes and forms created with the use of multiple layers represent the flying of time: past becomes future, birth becomes death.

30x40 (leftmost 2), 20x30 (the rest) soft pastel on paper