Art festival Kato Paphos, 2011


August 20, 2011
Harbor, Kato Paphos, Cyprus

Haris paspallis installations captures in a nutshell life’s adventures, reversals, efforts, successes and failures , by bringing together two dissimilar and heterogeneous materials.

Contracting the hardness of the metal and the softness of the cocoon of existence as the core of sentiments and feelings, defying the inner world from the perplexity of an endless unfolding of geometrical lines, straight ,round, hollow and concave ones. A self remaining intact them a stream of consciousness reproducing sculptural forms in the shapes of dreams or nightmares

Kato Paphos 2011 - Art exhibition    

Kato Paphos 2011 - Art exhibition

wrapped grass (cocoon, sized 40x20) framed with iron