Art Sarka

Assimilate images taken from the deluge of mass media that are so predominantly a part of our contemporary society. As photographic images and words derived from newspapers and magazines comprising with the media’s powerful ability to communicate by juxtaposing them in ambiguous ways.

They create a new sexual social and political message by mirroring this fact so as the resultant pieces have the effect of questioning accepted beliefs celebrating doubt.

The work withholds absolute meaning by incorporating parasite meanings that are suspended while perpetually dispatching you toward interpretation urging beyond dogmatism, beyond ideology, beyond authority.

Haris Paspallis Gallery Sarka

Questioning a taboo that already exists and at the same time challenging the viewer to break it.

The collages are taken from conscious every day acts, which are acceptable and adapted from the indifference of the world.

The audience receives this daily invasion in relation to the large scale of the pieces. Tiny fragments of clarity allow a sense of optimism. The acceptance is mutual and certainly profitable.

The viewer is surrounded by the art works, which are plunge down to several live scale pieces and positioned against the wall. The sense of row reality provokes the unsuspected viewer to confront a possible systematic occupation

Mixed media on canvas 350x100cm