Art Thysia

50x70 soft pastel & pencil on paper

A series of expressive and figurative drawings which are meant to activate the conscience in people, to question accepted beliefs. A highly developed conscience deters humanity from killing or inflicting cruelty to animals, prevents violence, war or destruction. For such actions are nurtured by ignorance, by bias, by hatred, and by lack of morals and values and the best antidote for these conditions is developing one's conscience.

The animals shown in these pieces of work are not just icons but symbols of our own selves. Metaphors of a humanity that is gradually losing its mission and true nature. A humanity that slowly kills, sacrifices itself for a false 'God'.

It is as if we are facing nature's revenge. A bird-disease comes as a curse to punish us for abusing animals and nature in general. We have created a fake world and we have put it in a cocoon, while waiting for it to grow and flourish.

We no more kill to survive. We kill to satisfy our capricious mood. Most importantly, we kill members of our own family, the human race. Why? For power? For money? For satisfaction? Due to suppressed sexual and psychological disorders?

The dead bodies give the sense of a warning for those that abuse the weak.
A bad omen.
A sign.

50x70 charcoal on paper