Art Visual Ways

High wall rose around us, most of the time invisible walls that are meant to achieve the containment of our freedom. Walls that societies build around people as a well-ex plan to erase our individuality and uniqueness. Socio-economic, cultural, religion, identity factors are the foundation of those walls. We cannot always see them but we live with them around us.

We walk in a pathway while it’s dark and foggy, unknowingly that we are actually walking inside a tunnel. We are walking and moving forward thinking that we are the ones making the choices in our lives, where to turn, where to go. A deception disguised as our own freedom of choice.

When we realise that those walls exist, when we take a look back to our past and realise that we lived under their own term of “freedom", only then the pathway and the visual way for a future with true freedom will illuminate. An awaken visual way will make the walls fall.

Visual Ways

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